Where serenity meets splendor

The Homestead's legacy of lakeside leisure

The Homestead is an escape to a world where luxury and the great outdoors meet to create unforgettable experiences.

Tucked between the crystal clear waters of Sleeping Bear Bay and the deep forests of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, this charming collection of vacation homes, villas, and suites perfectly blend refined comfort and the tranquil beauty of Michigan’s northwest coast. With amenities that cater to every family member, including a private beachfront for sunny play, spa services for pampering, and various dining options, every stay is crafted to be memorable. Complete with sports and leisure activities that appeal to all ages, The Homestead provides a year-round playground ideal for families and couples alike, ensuring that from the thrills of ski slopes to the joy of beach days, there’s something special for everyone.


This Northern Michigan resort has a humble beginning rooted in the vision of a couple seeking the perfect beach along the Great Lakes. William and Cora Beals, educators from St. Louis, Missouri, were drawn to the area’s beauty, which led them to purchase the land that would become The Homestead in the early 1920s. Their initial endeavor was a boys’ camp promoting outdoor activities and Christian values, eventually expanding to include a year-round boarding school and, later, a camp for girls.

Over the years, as the schools and camps flourished, The Homestead transformed into a family resort, its expansion reflecting a changing America. In the mid-1970s, the property underwent a fresh start under new ownership, with Bob Kuras at the helm. Drawing inspiration from Sea Pines resort’s “everything to everyone” concept in Hilton Head, The Homestead incorporated a diverse array of recreational activities while preserving its natural setting, a commitment that shaped the resort’s development.


From privately owned villas and homes, perfect for families and guests desiring more space, to four distinct on-property hotels, The Homestead features an extensive selection of lodgings to suit every need. The historic Inn is a testament to timeless beauty, perched where the Crystal River meets Lake Michigan. It offers a selection of one or two-bedroom suites, each with a cozy in-room fireplace.

For those who seek the tranquility of the Northwoods, suites in the Stony Brook Lodge boast kitchenettes, cozy living areas complete with porcelain stoves, and small balconies that invite guests enjoy the panoramic vistas of Sleeping Bear Dunes and Lake Michigan. For a quaint yet equally luxurious experience, rooms in Fiddler’s Pond present washed pine interiors and cottage-inspired hues, where every window frames views of the resort’s creeks, ponds, and pools. Lastly, the rooms in Little Belle offer a romantic escape for couples, where the enchanting music of a carillon in the brick-paved plaza sets the stage for an adults-only retreat.


A stay at The Homestead is effortlessly casual, and time quickly slows to match the gentle pace of the surrounding natural beauty. The resort’s unique location within the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore ensures an exclusive opportunity to enjoy nature’s best offerings. With wide beaches, a spectacular bay, and breathtaking dunes, guests can choose from various activities, some offering relaxed indulgence and others promising an intense connection with the great outdoors. Whether it’s a refreshing swim in clear waters, a serene kayak trip down the Crystal River, or evening stargazing that rewards some lucky viewers with the dance of the Northern Lights, the experiences here are as varied as they are unforgettable. Leisure can be found with a splash down the Mountain Village waterslide, relaxation under the Beach Club’s waterfall pool, or a day of pampering at Spa Amira’s private pool with stunning views.

For the more active, there’s golf at the nearby Manitou Passage Golf Club and biking along the adjoining Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail, offering miles of scenic pathways. With options for all, The Homestead invites guests to create moments that resonate long after their stay.

The Homestead’s dedication to preserving its tranquil setting while providing diverse recreational opportunities makes every visit memorable and aligns with its legacy as an inclusive retreat for guests from all walks of life. In every sense, The Homestead is more than just a getaway worth visiting this summer; it’s a place that harmonizes the luxuries of modern living, the untamed beauty of Glen Arbor, and the gentle pace of Lake Michigan’s waves.

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Travel Tip
Glen Arbor is lucky enough to boast a few bodies of water, as the tiny
town is home to both Big and Little Glen Lakes and it’s right on Lake Michigan’s
Sleeping Bear Bay. So rent a pontoon for the afternoon to explore these crystal
clear lakes and see the Sleeping Bear Dunes from a new perspective!

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